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“A Kilobyte Is Stronger than a Megaton”: Iranian Hackers and the Cyber Realm of the Islamic Republic

The Near East, by Roy Cahanovitz

“The fourth biggest cyber power…”

22 June 2015

The Iranian Nuke: What Made the Security Top Brass Mobilize against Netanyahu

Anniversary of “Bibi Bomb” Speech: Iran Strengthened and the Red Line Disappears

Walla! News, by Dr. Moshe-hay Hagigat

The remarkable line Netanyahu painted in red has been replaced by another line Barack Obama marked regarding Syria. Iran is arriving at the UN General Assembly reinforced by the chemical crisis, and the “guardian angel” Putin is watching it closely.

The Syrian Case as a Metaphor for the Iranian Nuke

Iran's Presidential Election 2013

The People in Iran Have Turned the Table

Mofaz: Military Op against Iran Has a High Coefficient of Regional Escalation

The Vanishing Blue Line

On NKorea, We've Missed out. On Iran – Not Just Yet

Ma'ariv, by Tzach Yoked

"They could have done much more than what they’re doing now if they thought they could get away with it."

> Special interview with Dr. Gary Samore 

12 April 2013

The Obama Visit to Israel

Chief Intelligence Officer Admits: We Don't Know Everything

Ma'ariv, by Amir Rapaport

The greater the challenge, the greater the opportunity... 

> Special interview to Ma'ariv

23 March 2013

Too Good to Be True:     There Are No Free Gifts and No Gestures without Interests

Ma'ariv, by Shalom Yerushalmi


...Once, Netanyahu wanted – but couldn't. Today, Netanyahu can – but not sure he really wants to sabotage by himself the good relations with Obama. The whole business is open.

21/22 March 2013                            

An Inherent Negotiation

Former Senior IAEA Official to Walla!: Iran Might Be Able to Break out to a Nuclear Weapons Capability within a Month

Just How Much Does Iran Cost Us?

The Really Important Elections

Intelligence Sources Estimate: Iran's Ability to Attack Significantly Weakened

An Exercise in Nuclear Politics

A Message to Hamas, but Also to Iran

It's Been a Few Years Since

IranEdge, by Viktoria Lymar

"Time is of the essence in this situation."

5 November 2012

Iran Doesn't Want Talks - Just Extra Time

The Day After Bombing:             A Conversation with  an Iranian Businessman

Looking into the Depths of the Enemy: A Glimpse into the Iranian Revolutionary Guards

A Red Line, and Then Another One: No Right and Left on the Issue of the Iranian Threat

Four Questions and One Conclusion Regarding Obama and Iran

To Rely Only on Ourselves

Dichter's Joining Implies Netanyahu's Intentions

Ma'ariv, by Ben Caspit


Even kamikaze pilot would think twice.

18 August 2012


Even before a Single Fighter Takes off: Our Attack on Iran Is Pricey for Us

Not Afraid to Attack – Fearing a Second Holocaust

An Attack on Iran Will Only Succeed if it Comes from the U.S. However, Netanyahu Won't Wait for It

Everyone Warns Barak, but ‘Mister Security’ Minds His Business

Terror Attack in Burgas: Israel Will Respond Politically

Yes to Bombing, on Three Conditions

Dropped a Bombshell: Who Are You Really, Yukiya Amano?

Netanyahu, if You Wanna Shoot   Shoot. Don't Talk

Ma'ariv, by Ben Caspit 

He’s making a flourishing career on it.

21 April 2012

“One Should Ask If the Military Sanction on Iran  Is Going to Be Successful – and That's a Serious Question”

The Prime Minister: “I Will Not Dismiss the Danger”

Günter Grass’s Poem as      a Mirror of the Nuke Talk

An Estimate: Most of the Cabinet Are for Attacking Iran

The Iran Summit:                 What Has Netanyahu Understood from Obama?

The Deal: Israel Postpones the Attack – the U.S. Supplies Aircraft and Bombs

Discord and Suspicion

Poker against the Iranians

Ya'alon: "The Iranians Are Opting out of the Rules of the Game"